Tuna and Yogurt

The kind of taste when you choose the wrong broker. Here’s 8 things to look for in a broker to avoid that bad aftertaste:

  • Value added in the transaction- Your broker should add value and not just be a cut of commission
  • Experience- They should experienced in placing the type of risk you have and be an experienced account placer
  • Variety- Brokers need to have a variety of classes and products they can write for you
  • Automated- online quoting, quick accurate quotes and bindable quotes are all a must to make you more efficient
  • Authority- They need to have contracts with markets so they can give you accurate, secure quotes with quick turnover
  • Market power- Brokers having long term existing relationships with many markets gives you options.
  • Program Contribution- brokers that can build specialty programs exclusively for you


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Bulls Lie.

It's a lie that every broker has targeted classes. We have a wide variety of classes that we specialize in, having years of experience and strong market presence makes these our specialty classes allowing us to navigate the market places faster and more efficiently.


This is a problem where placing an account and transactions are inefficent. Get the dirt up front. We give you all your surplus lines taxes and forms up front along with any subject toos. Stop the surprises and the back and forth with your client!

Time Suck

What's that sound? Your time being sucked away. We'll want to be your friend will even listen to all your problems but we don't make you money, your clients do! Spend less time with your broker and more time on sales. Our experience, automation and specialty targets provide account efficiency.

Market Hoping

The syndrome of market hoping is running rampant. Stop wishing and hoping you have a market for your tough placement. Cure this problem with our experience and market relationships. We are not just a one market wonder, with over 70 carriers we can find the right fit.

Account Blunders

We have all had them and we all want to avoid them. Account inexperience costs you time and money. Stop being frustrated with placement debacles let our experience in placing tough classes and specialty coverages be the remedy. Avoid hidden coverage loops and surprises.


You can have your very own exclusive program in a class of business that you have a specialty in. We partner with you to create and customize an insurance program. Our full underwriting and placement services give you exclusivity and control.


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