Cargo Insurance

Like a band of insurance mavericks riding into to town our cargo program will get you pumped

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International Excess PM
Typical Risks Program Highlights
Aggregate Haulers
  • Exclusive program since 1998 (INTLXS Exclusive)
Agricultural Products In-House Quoting Authority
Automobiles Low Deductibles starting at $2,500
Boats Safety Procedures
Building Materials Contract and Insurance Requirement Review
Bulk Liquids Regulatory Compliance
Computers No "Locked Vehicle Warranty"
  • Couriers (INTLXS Exclusive)
Companion coverages available for GL, Property, Auto and other exposures
Dry Freight Flatbed Goods
Electronics Loading and Unloading Coverage
Food Products Terminal and Warehouse
Heavy Equipment Refrigeration Breakdown Coverage
Household goods Earned Freight Coverage
Line Haulers Primary or Contingent
  • Live Stock (INTLXS Exclusive)
High Value Items
Long Haul Trucking
  • Bank Checks (INTLXS Exclusive)
Prescription Drugs
Mobile Homes
Petroleum Products
Special Care Items
Specialty Loads

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