Freight Broker / Forwarder Insurance

Our freight forwarder and freight broker is seriously insurance gangster and has some great coverage

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International Excess PM
Typical Risks Program Highlights
Domestic United States; Canadian delivery considered One Policy- Combined Package & Contingent Auto
FMCSA Broker (MC) and Forwarder (FF) Registrants Contingent Auto Liability)
Ground Movements Contingent Motor Truck Cargo
U.S. Corporations Commercial General Liability
Commercial Property
Warehouse Legal Liability
Professional Liability
Monoline Coverage Available
Symbols 8 & 9 Used
Compliments Motor Carrier Operations that have FB and/or FF Registration
$3,750 Minimum Premium
Minimum Deductibles of $1,000 when applicable
Low Deductible for electronics & pharmaceuticals
Standard ISO coverage forms
Available Nationwide
In-house authority

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