Habitational Insurance

This was not designed for mere mortals but for Insurance superheroes

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International Excess PM
Typical Risks Program Highlights
Apartment Buildings Nationwide Program
Condo Associations Special Coverages
Dwelling-Single & Multi-Family Multiple Markets
Garden Apartment Low Minimum Premium
Occupancies: Occupied, Renovated or Vacant Acceptable No Liability Deductible on Qualifying Accounts
Property Investors Basic, Broad, Special Form
Property Managers Property Extension Endorsement
  • Property Renovators (INTLXS Exclusive)
Property Extension Endorsement
Rooming/Boarding House Equipment Breakdown
Senior Housing High Limits
Student Housing Damage to rented premises
Subsidized Housing & HUD Assault & Battery
Large Schedules
Schedule Dwelling
  • Qualifying Risks (INTLXS Exclusive)
  • Reporting forms on monthly bill (INTLXS Exclusive)

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