Product Recall and Product Contamination

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A product recall event can have devastating effect on a company's balance sheet and brand. Recall costs are normally excluded from a general liability policy leaving the exposures uninsured.

International Excess PM


  • Primary and Follow Form Excess Product Recall Coverage
  • No Minimum Premium
  • Limits from $50,000 to $15M
  • SIRs from $2,500 to $500,000+

Typical Risks

  • Component Parts

    auto parts, air craft parts, electrical parts, electronic parts, metal parts, plastic parts, rubber parts, treatment parts, etc...

  • Consumable Products

    The costs to test the insured's product to identify contamination or a defect and confirm the need for a recall.

  • Consumer Goods

    children's toys, clothing, appliances, tools, sporting goods, medical equipment, building materials, furniture, electronics, etc...

  • Restaurants

    (Food Borne Illness)

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