Workers Compensation

A division of International excess providing dedicated expertise for Workers Compensation placements.
While we focus on the class codes associated with our programs to provide ancillary lines support we have a wide variety of other class codes we can entertain


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Eligible Classes Program Highlights
Bar, Taverns, Hospitality Guaranteed Cost Program
Environmental Deductible Program
Logistics –
Courier, Last Mile,
Trucking, Staffing,
Professional Employer Organization (PEO ) –
Utilizing a Master policy with one anniversary date.
This co-employer relationship will provide outsourced human resource services such as
payroll, benefits and safety / risk management services
Habitational and Property Management,
Administrative Services Organization (ASO) –
For the client that prefers not to establish a co-employer relationship
and maintain their own services.
Freight Brokers, Freight Forwarders, Parcel delivery Multiple markets
Clerical Multiple states
Fast foods,
Small Business
Available Nationwide
Medical, Hospital,
surgical Equipment and sales stores
Minimum Premium vary per class code
Waste Haulers
Orthotics & Prosthetics,
Home Health, Life Sciences,
Allied Health
Sleep Center
Trucking Long haul and short haul

Unique Features

Having the ability to offer PEO and ASO options gives alternatives to the client . PEO’s carry an up front cost because the services offered by the PEO will be included. ASO options have a lower upfront cost option but the services remain with the client. In either case they offer an option to your client that is an alternative to the traditional marketplace

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